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Productivity For Authors Ebook

Productivity For Authors Ebook

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Do you want to write more but feel frustrated at your lack of time? Are you doing 'busy' work instead of moving toward your creative goals? Is your To-Do list overwhelming?

Ebook edition, delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device.

It's time to stop, reassess and take control of your time. This book will help you discover the path to becoming a productive writer.

Learn how to:

  • Identify what's really stopping you from reaching your goals
  • Say no and set boundaries for others -- and for yourself
  • Find more time to write
  • Make the most of your writing time
  • Dictate your words for a more efficient and healthy writing life
  • Use outsourcing to buy yourself more creative time
  • Work with co-writers to produce more books
  • Use tools for specific aspects of productivity
  • Focus on physical and mental health to boost your productive time

I've been writing and publishing for over a decade and in this book, I'll share my lessons learned in order to help you become more productive and, hopefully, save you time, money and heartache along the way.

If you want to become a more productive writer, download a sample or buy now.

Ebook edition, delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device.

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Customer Reviews

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Ronel Janse van Vuuren
Figure out your why

This book helps you take a good look at your life (writing and everything else) to figure out your why, your to-do list, your not-to-do list, how to organise and schedule your time, organise your writing, and be more productive.

My biggest take away is to stop trying to do everything at once: focus on one thing and get it done before moving on to something else. Otherwise your mind will be preoccupied anyway.

A great addition to every author’s library.