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Love thrillers, fantasy, or crime? Check out books by J.F. Penn
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Love sweet romance? Check out books by Penny Appleton

Books for Authors

Books to help you write fiction and non-fiction, self-publish, market your book, make a living writing, and survive the rollercoaster of the creative journey.

Available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook, as well as Workbooks.

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Thrillers, dark fantasy, crime novels by J.F. Penn

Thrillers, Crime, and Dark Fantasy Fiction

Escape into a fast-paced ARKANE international thriller.

Join the Mapwalker team and explore a world off the edge of our maps.

Delve into the darker side of London with the Brooke & Daniel crime thrillers.

Plus more short stories and stand-alone books, by USA Today Bestselling Author, J.F. Penn

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Sweet romance by Penny Appleton, clean and wholesome, set in English Village

Love sweet romance with a happy ending?

Escape to Summerfield Village in these clean and wholesome, sweet romance stories by Penny Appleton (the pen-name of Joanna Penn's mum!)

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