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How to Write a Novel Hardback

How to Write a Novel Hardback

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Writing a novel will change your life.

Hardback edition. Special edition with fly-leaf cover, silver foil on interior cover, and color title page interior. 296 pages. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Shipping in the UK, 3-4 days. To US, CA, AU and other countries, it can be 10 business days (2 weeks) for this special edition.

It might not be in the way that you expect, but when you hold your book in your hand and say, “I made this,” something will shift. 

The process of getting to that point will light a spark in your creative soul and help you discover unexpected aspects of yourself. It will be one of the things you are most proud of in your life.

I’m Joanna (J.F.) Penn, award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of 18 novels and novellas with nearly a million books sold in over one hundred countries.

This book will help you write your first novel, or improve your creative process so you can write more books and reach more readers. It covers mindset, ideas and research, aspects of craft, how to write a first draft, and work through an editing process to a finished book. 

You will discover: 

Part 1: First Principles

  • Why are you writing a novel?
  • What has stopped you from completing a novel before?
  • Principles to keep in mind as you create

Part 2: Ideas, Research, Plotting, and Discovery Writing

  • How to find and capture ideas
  • How to research your novel and when to stop
  • Outlining (or plotting)
  • Discovery writing (or pantsing)
  • What are you writing? Genre
  • What are you writing? Short story, novella, or novel
  • What are you writing? Stand-alone, series, or serial

Part 3: Aspects of a Novel

  • Story structure
  • Scenes and chapters
  • Character: Who is the story about?
  • Point of view
  • Dialogue
  • Plot: What happens in the story?
  • Conflict
  • Openings and endings
  • Setting and World-building: Where does the story happen?
  • Author voice
  • Theme
  • Book or story title
  • Language versus story and tools versus art

Part 4: Writing the first draft

  • Attitude to the first draft
  • How to write the first draft
  • Dictate your book
  • Write fast, cycle through, or write slow
  • Writer’s block
  • Writing tools and software
  • When is the first draft finished?

Part 5: The Editing Process

  • Overview of the editing process
  • Self-editing
  • How to find and work with a professional editor
  • Beta readers, specialist readers, and sensitivity readers
  • Editing tools and software
  • Lessons learned from editing my first novel after more than a decade
  • When is the book finished? 
  • Conclusion

If you want to (finally) write your novel, then buy How to Write a Novel today.

Hardback edition.

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