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Writing the Shadow Spiral Bound Workbook

Writing the Shadow Spiral Bound Workbook

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Spiral Bound Workbook

The Shadow is calling. Its time to turn your inner darkness into words.

Spiral-bound workbook. Lies flat. Printed and shipped from the UK. This contains the questions from Writing the Shadow and space to write your answers. It does not contain the text of the book. You can buy that separately here.

Workbook: Trim 229 x 152 cm, spiral bound (so it lies flat), 202 pages

We all long to write boldly, without filters or fear.

To spin stories that capture the messy beauty of what it means to be human. Tales that lay bare the truth of living — darkness and all. 

But something holds us back.

Whispers of “Who do you think you are?” and “You don’t have permission to write that.” Our own self-censorship and the judgment of others keep us from writing freely — and sometimes, from living fully.

 But all great art taps into darkness, and your most compelling work emerges when you embrace your full humanity—both light and Shadow.

In this Companion Workbook to Writing the Shadow, I’ll guide you on an intimate journey to explore the darkness and discover the gold lying hidden in its depths. Gold that may be the source of your best creative work in the years ahead.

The Shadow is calling. It’s time to turn your inner darkness into words.

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