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The Creative Penn

One Day in Budapest, ARKANE Thriller #4, Novella, Ebook

One Day in Budapest, ARKANE Thriller #4, Novella, Ebook

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Nationalistic fervor. Genocidal violence. The first time, the world went to war. This time, the world could end.

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When a priest is murdered and one of the holiest relics of Christendom stolen, the ultra-nationalist Eröszak group is ready.

Fanning flames of hatred into a firestorm of anti-Semitic violence the likes of which haven’t been seen since the darkest days of World War II, Eröszak’s leader has the perfect plan to turn Hungary — and later, the world — into a nightmare of fascist rule.

They’ve planned for every option, for every eventuality… except one: Dr. Morgan Sierra, agent of ARKANE.

Morgan didn’t intend to get involved — she was just in Budapest to deliver a pair of artifacts to the historic Dohany Street synagogue. But when Eröszak’s thugs attack, Morgan finds herself the only thing standing between them and the overthrow of an entire government.

Nazi fanaticism, religious relics, and the blood of innocents combine to create a mystery fit for an agent of ARKANE — the British agency tasked with the uncovering of and defense against the supernatural.

And Morgan knows that she only has one chance to stop Eröszak and its leader. Because if she doesn’t, history may well repeat itself — only this time, the forces of darkness will win.

Based on true events, One Day in Budapest is the fourth standalone thriller in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn’s ARKANE series. Grab your copy to find out what the buzz is about, and get ready for the dark, the disturbing… the ARKANE.

Ebook, delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device.

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