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Love, Home at Last, Summerfield Sweet Romance #3, Paperback

Love, Home at Last, Summerfield Sweet Romance #3, Paperback

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Can Lizzie and Harry find their home together at last?

Lizzie Martin’s nickname is Mouse. As a child, she hid in her favorite chestnut tree to avoid a difficult home life, and now, she escapes to her attic room when she’s not looking after her increasingly sick mother. She feels trapped in a life she didn’t choose.

Harry Stewart is her brother’s best friend, a photographer who travels the world, never staying in one place for long. Lizzie has always loved Harry, but he looks upon her as a little sister. They meet again at a wedding in Idaho, USA, and Lizzie wishes her life could be different.

When family difficulties strike and Lizzie loses her home, Harry offers her a job in Edinburgh, Scotland. She begins to build a new life as an artist, finding friends and perhaps, a chance at love. A personal choice expands her horizons and suddenly Lizzie sees possibilities beyond her broken history.

But when her new life is threatened, Lizzie has to make a decision that will bring her closer to Harry or tear them apart forever.

In this clean and wholesome sweet romance, set between Summerfield Village and Edinburgh, Scotland, can Lizzie and Harry manage to find their home together at last?

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