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Deviance, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #3, Paperback

Deviance, Brooke & Daniel Crime Thriller #3, Paperback

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In a perfect world, the deviant cannot be permitted to live.


Someone has been murdering sex workers and those on the margins of the city, flaying the skin from their bodies, and leaving them as a warning to others like them.

Jamie Brooke used to be a police officer. But there’s no place on the force for someone who wasn’t fast enough to stop a killer from attacking Parliament and killing a friend.

Blake Daniel is on the verge of being fired, his life and his mind in tatters. Cursed with the ability to “see” the murderous past of certain objects and relics, his life has become a waking nightmare — his only relief at the bottom of a bottle.

They’ve had their fill of danger and death, and just want to be left alone… but evil isn’t done with either of them. So when the body of a priest is discovered — stabbed and slashed, skin flayed off, and white feathers stuffed in his mouth — Jamie and Blake find themselves enmeshed in the web of murders terrifying the city.

The community is paralyzed. The police are powerless — or maybe even covering up the murders. It’s up to Jamie and Blake to solve their darkest mystery yet.

And they have to hurry. More death is coming. Because the murderers want one simple thing: perfection. And that can’t exist in a world with any DEVIANCE.

Blending crime and psychological thriller with a touch of the supernatural, Deviance is a one-of-a-kind adventure from the mind of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn! Get your copy today, and dive into Brooke and Daniel’s toughest case yet!


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