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Brooke and Daniel Crime Thriller Trilogy Bundle

Brooke and Daniel Crime Thriller Trilogy Bundle

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Brooke and Daniel Crime Thriller Trilogy, Three Paperbacks.

Desecration, #1

Someone out there is murdering the living… and desecrating the dead.

Detective Jamie Brooke is a woman in the depths of despair. Her career is on the ropes. Her daughter is dying — there are only hours left before the end, and decisions have to be made.

Museum curator Blake Daniel is a man on the edge of destruction. Cursed with the ability to “read” objects — to see where they’ve come from, and the bloody histories they experience — Blake splits his time between working as a researcher at the British Museum… and binge-drinking to forget his nightmare visions.

Together, these two broken souls are all that stand between London and a brutal killer. A young woman has been murdered, her uterus and unborn child removed during a gala event at a college of surgeons, any of whom could have committed the crime. The only clue is a small ivory figure of a woman undergoing a Cesarean section, dating to the seventeenth century.

Body modification, grave robbery, Nazi eugenics, a laboratory that specializes in extreme genetic experiments. All come together to create a mystery unlike any Jamie has experienced, and a danger greater than any Blake has ever seen in his visions.

It will take all Jamie’s detective skills, and all Blake’s psychic abilities, to find the killer. To end the murders. To stop something that wants to destroy all that is good… and leave behind only DESECRATION.

Delirium, #2

In a world gone mad, only the insane can rule.

Still reeling from the death of her beloved daughter, Detective Jamie Brooke needs time to grieve and to heal. What she gets is a call to murder and madness: a prominent psychiatrist has been tortured to death, and it’s up to her to uncover the people responsible, and stop them before they can kill again.

Turning to her friend, Blake Daniel — an antiquities expert cursed with the psychic ability to “see” the bloody histories of objects — Jamie begins an investigation that will take her to the most infamous asylum in history, and a place where insanity is born. A place where rules don’t apply, and where madness is the only law.

She has no idea what she’s getting into. Because Jamie doesn’t know the true history of Bedlam Asylum, the depraved experiments that went on there, or how it leads to the string of murders that could bring the country to its knees.

Worst of all, she doesn’t know about Blake’s connection to Bedlam, to the murders, and to the people willing to execute anyone who stands in their way. And Blake himself doesn’t know the full evil of his own past, or that his gift has put him in the sights of a group who want to use him as a guinea pig for their darkest experiments.

The answers are coming. But some answers bring only pain. Some answers bring only death.

And the worst answers of all bring only DELIRIUM.


In a perfect world, the deviant cannot be permitted to live.

Someone has been murdering sex workers and those on the margins of the city, flaying the skin from their bodies, and leaving them as a warning to others like them.

Jamie Brooke used to be a police officer. But there’s no place on the force for someone who wasn’t fast enough to stop a killer from attacking Parliament and killing a friend.

Blake Daniel is on the verge of being fired, his life and his mind in tatters. Cursed with the ability to “see” the murderous past of certain objects and relics, his life has become a waking nightmare — his only relief at the bottom of a bottle.

They’ve had their fill of danger and death, and just want to be left alone… but evil isn’t done with either of them. So when the body of a priest is discovered — stabbed and slashed, skin flayed off, and white feathers stuffed in his mouth — Jamie and Blake find themselves enmeshed in the web of murders terrifying the city.

The community is paralyzed. The police are powerless — or maybe even covering up the murders. It’s up to Jamie and Blake to solve their darkest mystery yet.

And they have to hurry. More death is coming. Because the murderers want one simple thing: perfection. And that can’t exist in a world with any DEVIANCE.

Brooke and Daniel Crime Thriller Trilogy, Three Paperbacks.

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