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ARKANE Ebook Boxset 2: One Day in Budapest, Day of the Vikings, Gates of Hell

ARKANE Ebook Boxset 2: One Day in Budapest, Day of the Vikings, Gates of Hell

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Escape into three more ARKANE adventures…

Ebook, delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device.

One Day In Budapest

Nationalistic fervor. Genocidal violence. The first time, the world went to war. This time, the world could end.

When a priest is murdered and one of the holiest relics of Christendom stolen, the ultra-nationalist Eröszak group is ready.

Fanning flames of hatred into a firestorm of anti-Semitic violence the likes of which haven’t been seen since the darkest days of World War II, Eröszak’s leader has the perfect plan to turn Hungary — and later, the world — into a nightmare of fascist rule.

They’ve planned for every option, for every eventuality… except one: Dr. Morgan Sierra, agent of ARKANE.

Morgan didn’t intend to get involved — she was just in Budapest to deliver a pair of artifacts to the historic Dohany Street synagogue. But when Eröszak’s thugs attack, Morgan finds herself the only thing standing between them and the overthrow of an entire government.

Nazi fanaticism, religious relics, and the blood of innocents combine to create a mystery fit for an agent of ARKANE — the British agency tasked with the uncovering of and defense against the supernatural.

And Morgan knows that she only has one chance to stop Eröszak and its leader. Because if she doesn’t, history may well repeat itself — only this time, the forces of darkness will win.

Day of the Vikings

She has been called many things: murderer, madwoman, monster. She will become only one thing: a god.

The Crone. A woman of legend, a creature of blood. A Valkyrie. She has tortured, murdered, maimed — performing all the rituals needed to call forth the power of Odin himself and summon Ragnarok. She just needs one more thing: the staff of Skara Brae, and her plans will be fulfilled.

But the staff is already in the hands of Morgan Sierra. An agent of ARKANE, the British agency tasked with protecting the world from supernatural crises, Morgan knows that giving up the staff could spell the end of all things.

Now the Crone has taken dozens of staff members, visitors — even children — hostage at the British Museum, demanding that Morgan turn over the staff. Willing to kill, possessor of powers beyond anything ARKANE has yet encountered, the Crone seems unstoppable. 

Morgan’s only advantages are her wit, her skill… and Blake Daniel (of the best-selling Brooke and Daniel crime thriller series).

The Crone beckons. Ragnarok looms. And it is up to Morgan and Blake to deny them both.

Gates of Hell

For millennia, they have held the gates of Hell shut against the darkness. But now they’re gone… and the gates are swinging wide.

When ARKANE agent Morgan Sierra receives a package with a note from her father — murdered in a suicide bombing years ago — she goes on high alert.

Her father’s death was no accident. A member of the Remnant — a group of holy men schooled in the deepest mysteries of Kabbalah — her father was one of those charged with protecting our world from the demons that want to take it; to keep sealed the gates of Hell.

Now, Morgan and her ARKANE partner Jake Timber are on the run. From the holiest cities in Israel to underwater cities lost to history, they must follow this trail to the end. To find a way to stop Kadmon before he offers the final sacrifice. A sacrifice of pain. A sacrifice of blood. A sacrifice of one of the children of the Remnant.

Ebook, delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device.

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