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ARKANE Paperback Bundle: One Day in New York #7, Destroyer of Worlds #8, End of Days #9

ARKANE Paperback Bundle: One Day in New York #7, Destroyer of Worlds #8, End of Days #9

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Three more paperback books in the ARKANE thriller series described by readers as "Dan Brown meets Lara Croft."

One Day in New York #7 (novella)

Any wish can be granted: money, power… even death itself can be beaten back. All it takes is the blood of an angel.

When a woman is tortured, hung from a cross, and burned alive in the center of New York City, Jake Timber is already on his way. 

Tasked with locating an extremist group interested in a recently discovered relic, the Cloisters Cross, Jake expected trouble. After all, as one of the top agents of ARKANE, the secret organization entrusted with protecting the world from supernatural threats, he’s been in the game a long time, and has saved the world more than once. 

But that’s the problem. Battered and broken again and again, the constant physical and mental struggles of his ARKANE missions have left Jake scarred.

Now, his investigation will lead Jake to the Blood of the Angel: a relic that can grant any wish to whoever drinks its contents. A race against time, and against the infinite resources of Gilles Noiret, a dying, ruthless billionaire willing to sacrifice anyone else to save his own life.

But this time, the race is different. Because this time Jake isn’t sure if he’s trying to stop Gilles and save the world… or if he’s looking for the Blood of the Angel so he can use it himself.

What price would he pay to ease his own pain? Would he sacrifice one person? Two? Or maybe even an entire city?

Destroyer of Worlds #8 (novel)

“I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.” — Bhagavad Gita

London. A street cleaner walks into the middle of Trafalgar Square and blows himself up. No mere act of terrorism. The explosion rips open a crater to reveal the underground headquarters of ARKANE — the ultra-secret British agency tasked with investigating the supernatural.

Within moments, armed commandos rappel into the breach, blow open ARKANE’s vault, and steal a single box containing an ancient relic linked to the Indian god Shiva.

By the time ARKANE’s best agents, Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber, arrive on the scene, it’s over. All they have is some video, a few thin leads, and the whispered words, “Don’t let the pieces come together.”

Soon, Morgan and Jake will find themselves on a quest unlike any they’ve experienced yet. Racing from the slums of Mumbai to the temples of Kolkata, from the unmarked graves in the killing fields in Rwanda to the most famous tomb of all — the Taj Majal. On the run from a mad scientist who wants to use ancient Indian relics to rewrite the genetic code of every human alive. In search of a threat woven into the very fabric of existence. 

They’ve faced danger before, but never like this. Because in a place beyond madness, all that remains is Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.

End of Days #9 (novel)

Today is the beginning, and tonight is the end…

A Babylonian tomb filled with the skeletons of snakes. Seven seals scattered around the world. A young woman, Lilith, who speaks in tongues before covering herself with living serpents. The Brotherhood of the Serpent sees it all, and knows the time of their greatest prophecy — set to occur under a pattern of stars that only align once every four thousand years — is at hand.

Soon the leader of the Brotherhood — Samael, known as Venom, the Angel of Death — will fulfill his destiny: to give Lilith the venom that will summon the Great Serpent to consume the world. 

The only thing standing in their way are Morgan Sierra and Jake Timber, the top agents of ARKANE.

A secret British agency tasked with protecting the world from supernatural powers, ARKANE has long operated in the shadows to keep the world safe. 

But not even Morgan and Jake can guess at the danger they’re about to face. A danger that will take them from the ruins of Iraq to the mist-wreathed Appalachian Mountains, from ancient archeological sites in Israel to the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs — Morgan and Jake have to move fast if they want to stop Samael and Lilith from fulfilling their destinies.

Darkness holds sway. The stars align. And Morgan and Jake will have to sacrifice all they hold dear to have a hope of stopping the End of Days.

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