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A Summerfield Christmas Wedding, Summerfield Sweet Romance #5, Paperback

A Summerfield Christmas Wedding, Summerfield Sweet Romance #5, Paperback

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Can a late-blooming romance turn into a Summerfield Christmas Wedding?


Patricia Anderson, a widow in her sixties, is determined to forge a new and independent life in the English country village of Summerfield along with her beloved dog, Sophie.

As Christmas approaches, she works for the community at St. Peter's church, trying to help those in need. But her determination to move on leaves her isolated — and pride sometimes goes before a fall.

Anthony Bartlett-Brown, a successful, wealthy businessman, retires to Summerfield to take over the Manor House and St. Peter’s, the church of his ancestors. He adopts Hannibal, the damaged, ex-military dog that saved his brother's life in Afghanistan. Anthony carries emotional pain from his childhood and hides a terrible secret.

All this and more spells Trouble with a capital 'T' for Patricia.

In this senior sweet romance, set in the English countryside, can love and goodwill at Christmas time help Patricia and Anthony bridge the loneliness in their lives? Or are they too set in their ways to make such a drastic life change together?


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