Collection: With A Demon's Eye Short Story

How far would you go to see again?

Conflict photographer, Sara Miles, loves being embedded with the military out in the desert. Her pictures pay tribute to those who fight, suffer, and die for freedom and the images she captures can turn public perception in the never-ending war. 

Her photography matters.

But when Sara is caught in an explosion out on patrol, her eyes are damaged by a face full of shrapnel. She may never be able to see through a lens again.

The military offers her a cutting-edge operation to restore her sight, but it comes with a price …

combat photographer

A short story with a supernatural edge from award-nominated, USA Today bestselling thriller author, J.F. Penn.

Reader reviews

"I could taste the dust, feel the uncertainty, feel the pain. I had to read the end twice—it could be open to your own interpretation—a curse, or a superpower? Probably J.F Penn’s best short story yet. Supercharged writing." Glen

"I was not prepared for the astonishing punch of this brief masterpiece. The first two thirds took me on a beautifully crafted ride, and then - pow - an ending that left me gasping. I’m very impressed, and very scared." Mary